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Chemist-long Walk by Sukarma Rani Thareja

August 2019 | Utopia Science Fiction Magazine

Confining not to mono discipline pure/applied Chemistry,

But to be scientist first is to be a Chemist.

Doing chemical analysis,

Classical and instrumental,

Quantitative- gravimetric/volumetric,

Qualitative-detection /characterisation

Of ions/ group functional,

Is to be a Chemist.

Creating or synthesizing new substance,

Determining what is in a new substance,

How much of new substance,

In a substance, is to be a Chemist.

Swimming in pool of equations,

Using mathematics and computers,

To create new model of chemical/life systems,

For testing new theories, is to be a Chemist.

Measuring properties of new pollutants,

For keeping good quality of air and water in environment,

For preserving our heritage from chemical pollution,

By measuring in atmosphere-producing pollutants,

New chemical reaction rate, is to be a Chemist.

Chemist is to Chemistry/Science,

Working as educator and teaching life/ physical,

Science and conducting research with mental ability,

And having prized skill like sense of humour and creativity,

Is to be a Chemist.

To be inspired from scientist making breakthrough in science,

Cherishing crowned scientific achievements,

With helping attitude, progressing fearlessly,

In executing scientific ideas, is to be a Chemist.

Making possibilities in probabilities,

By giving leadership with true font,

Of chemical/scientific inspiration,

Where an individual feels responsibility,

Of planned scientific research result providing stability,

Progressing along–unplanned research–discovery,

Is to be a Chemist.

Originally published Aug. 30th, 2019 in Utopia Science Fiction’s first publication

About the Author
Dr. Sukarma Rani Thareja
is a retired Associate Professor of chemistry at Christ Church College, CSJM Kanpur university, Kanpur, UP, India. She is passionate about poetry, art, and science. Her works have been published in national and international conferences, and in journals. She was selected as a featured poet by featuredpoet.com, and has published science and literary poems in Poemocean.com, yourstoryclub.com, and poemhunter.com, among many others.